Recycling programs are a major area of focus for Keep Jackson Beautiful. However, the success of recycling depends on the active participation of every member of the community. Recycling is a pretty simple concept: take something that is not useful anymore and make it into something new, instead of just tossing it aside or throwing it away.


What's being recycled? Valuable materials can be used out of 'garbage' in order to create products that we use every day – from water bottles to carpet, automobiles, and even clothing. Aluminum, steel, and scrap tires are also recyclable. Items can be recycled without sorting!!! Jackson is a single-stream program - all materials go together in your container.


To start recycling, go to the Solid Waste Division at 200 South President Street, Suite 504 to receive up to 2 recycling bins. Check your Recycling Collection Schedule. Collection occurs on one of your normal household garbage collection days, every other week. Make sure items are clean and dry. For more information on what can be recycled and how to start, click here.


To find out more about recycling, litter prevention, and how you can help beautify your community, contact us or visit some of these helpful websites: Earth911; Americarecyclesday


Recycling programs are also an important part of the work done by Keep Jackson Beautiful.


Recycling is a very important part of the work that KJB does, with our newest recycling effort being electronic waste. The E-Waste recycling event is one of our newer programs and has been well received by everyone. Partnering with the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership and others, KJB has helped to recycle thousands of pounds of electronic waste. Since there are so many toxic materials in our electronic devices, it is essential that these items stay out of landfills, where they contaminate the environment.



America Recycles Day is the only nationally-recognized day for the community education and collection events, that encourages hundreds of thousands of people to recycle. Recycling affects many different areas of our environment, and our lives. The success of recycling depends on the active participation of every member of the community. Become a part of the effort to keep our city clean and beautiful. If you have good ideas on how to conserve Jackson's environment, email:

"In nature there is no waste. Humans we have developed unnatural ways to create waste."

- Alicia D. Crudup