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Recycling Bottles
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Keeping Jackson Beautiful. Together.

Recycling How Does It Work?

Keep Jackson Beautiful is pleased to announce that Recycling is back in the Capital City.  Keep Jackson Beautiful, the City of Jackson Replenysh, Niagara, the International Bottle Water Association and local recycling companies and EnvironMentality partnered to implement a recycling program for the citizens of Jackson, MS.  “The water crisis placed the focus on collecting water bottles, but this recycling program is more than just water bottles. We are collecting PET plastics #1 water and soft drinks bottles with some locations will be accepting PET #2 plastics detergent bottles and cardboard.  


Collect Your PET #1 Bottles

Step 1 


Step 2 

Currently we are only accepting Plastic PET #1 Water Bottles. As the program grows new materials will be added. As you are saving your plastic containers please make sure your bottle are emptied of liquid. Caps and labels can remain on the bottles.

Click the link above to find a recycling collection site close to you. It will have the hours of operation as well as the type of materials collected. As new sites are added they will be listed. 


Dump  Bottles into Sacks

Step 3 

Just dump your bottles empty containers into the sacks. Please do not include garbage or any type of pages in the sacks. Only BOTTLES that have the #1 inside the recycling symbol.


It contaminates the load!


Recycling Locations

Put your address in to see the site that is closest to your home.

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