Broken Windows Syndrome

Windows and graffiti are signals of disorder and the decline of controls that prevent depredation of residential and commercial neighborhoods. Several projects give service groups the opportunity to participate in the solution to these issues. The “Graffiti Hurts” program does more than just erase the evidence; it teaches the cause and prevention of such behavior. Art projects, using bright colors and abstract illustrations are designed to hide unsightly boarded up windows. Projects such as this help create positive change for an otherwise negative impact on our city.

Positive Action

Educate - bring litter prevention and recycling programs to schools


Print - educational literature and create visual aids for all schools


Beautify - public spaces, working with volunteers to weed, plant, and trim


Educate - on quality of life issues through public awareness campaigns


Print - literature to address quality of life issues for neighborhood


Adopt - public spaces to become care-takers of near by areas


Educate - through presentations to civic and neighborhood groups