Keep Jackson Beautiful breaks grounds to reinstall community garden

Keep Jackson Beautiful (KJB) received a Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Community Partners Grant to support the Jackson Community Garden Initiative. The mission of the initiative is to influence a healthy, vibrant, and educated urban gardening community built on a robust and diverse economy that is rooted in sustainable and ecological sound practices of production, distribution, and consumption. With funds received from the grant this initiative will create a community garden and two permaculture orchards. For Make a Difference Day, KJB broke ground and re-installed the community garden in the Westside Community. It was a previous garden over 8 years ago but was paved over to create parking spaces for the Head Start Center. Receiving the Lowe’s Partners Grant made it possible to fulfill a promise to bring back a garden for the community.

There were more than 20 volunteers who participated in the garden installation. Volunteers included members of the Westside Community (Westside Civic Club and Veteran), KJB Eco Ambassadors, Wingfield’s Agriculture class, board members, and our local Lowe’s Heroes. During phase one of the installation, volunteers built four raised beds measured at (4x16x1.5 and 18 inches deep). Volunteers then tilled additional rows for traditional gardening and hauled soil to the raised beds. Produce planted at the site included; broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards, cabbage and brussels sprouts along with five fruit trees (fig, peach, plum). Phase two installation will take place in the spring to include seating, arches, planting of edible flowers and in season produce.

KJB is so excited that we can assist the Westside Community to use this garden as an education and outreach tool for the youth as well as provide local nutrient rich produce at no cost.

It’s so rewarding to see the community wrap around a project that is so instrumental to our life. There was so much laughter and happiness installing the garden from the youngest who was four to the oldest in their eighties,” said Keep Jackson Beautiful Executive Director Alicia Crudup.

KJB would like to give special thanks to Lowe’s, who have shown continued dedication and support of our garden initiative for several years. KJB would also like to thank our partners at Entergy Mississippi, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, the City of Jackson’s Parks and Recreation, and Infrastructure Department. Our appreciation is also extended to Hutto’s Home and Garden for donating the fruit trees, and Rivers Green House and Garden for the donation of transplants. Again, Thank You for supporting KJB’s work with your generous regular donations and partnerships! Your valuable gi