Litter is our number one problem, and to prevent it we must change the attitudes and behavior of both adults and children. Litter is not just unsightly; it erodes our community, compromises our quality of life and deters economic development. Quick fixes such as litter pick-ups are many times necessary, but we will work together for long-term solutions.


Partially smoked cigarettes, matches, disposable lighters, cigar packaging, and cigarette butts are all of a growing national problem. Lack of awareness, lack of ash receptables, and ordinances that move smokers outdoors, all increase cigarette butt littering. Although it's one of the smallest pieces of litter, cigarette butts are among the most found items during cleanups.


Our largest campaign each year is the Great American Cleanup which occurs from March March 20th to June 20th all across the country. These events also allow students to earn community service hours and make a difference in our environment at the same time. Each year, many different neighborhood associations schedule cleanups to collect litter and debris from neighborhood.


The attitudes and behavior of both adults and children must change to prevent littering. We need your help! Volunteer your time or make a financial commitment to help us beautify Mississippi's capital city today.


Litter Resources

To report litter or illegal dumping on City of Jackson roads or property contact: 311 or call 601-960-0000. Items that are located in the road and a hazard to drivers please report immediately.


To report litter on state highways, intersections and frontage roads, contact MDOT at 601-359-7111.


Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

Litter Prevention