Keep Jackson Beautiful has partnered with PepsiCo to provide recycling bins at special events in the City of Jackson. Events include: workshops, community cleanups, recycling events, festivals, concerts, meetings, conferences, and Walks/Runs are some events that can be utilized for your organization. To schedule for organization to receive recycle bins for your event please fill out the form below.

Event Tips:

  1. Let the community know there will be recycling at the event wherever the event is advertised

  2. Plan recycling activities for event

  3. Train volunteers before event on what goes in the bins (bottles and cans)

  4. Share information with volunteers about local recycling programs (to share with attendees)

  5. Station volunteers by as many recycling bins as possible

  6. Place bins in high traffic areas adjacent to a trash bin to reduce contamination

  7. Place bins by every entrance and exit to ensure that cans and bottles are not thrown away

  8. Double-bag the containers to reduce or eliminate leakage