The Eco Ambassadors Program is a hands-on, action-based environmental stewardship program that fosters a new breed of environmental stewards for the future of our Planet while encouraging environmental careers. The program will strengthen and increase partnerships by providing youth and communities with the tools to implement and produce creative and innovative solutions that affects our natural and built environment. The goal of the program is to help lift communities out of poverty through sustainable environmental solutions. The Eco Ambassadors will be the environmental change in their communities.

Ambassador at Wingfield High School

Areas of Focus








Food Security


Eco Reports

With all the hard work you are putting into your communities we must track and quantify  your progress. To do so, please click the appropriate buttons below to report any litter you find, and cleanup of that litter you reported and any recycled materials you have collected during the cleanup or at your school. There will be prizes for those who participate consistently (most entries of litter reported and cleanups) in their communities. 

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