Director's Welcome

Greetings Jacksonians!


Since 1961, Keep Jackson Beautiful, Inc. has worked effortlessly with community volunteers and the City of Jackson to implement projects and programs aimed to improve the quality of life for residents. We all know the tremendous tasks that are at hand. All of us have seen and are frustrated with litter, unsightly yards, abandoned vehicles and streets, dilapidated buildings and homes, overgrown and trashed creeks and waterways that contribute to flooding.  I have seen so much growth and exposure of this  organization since Keep Jackson Beautiful has been in my life. We will show residents, businesses and organizations our dedication by building upon the momentum that is taking place. It is our intention to widen our focus and in many areas of sustainability. It is time for impactful sustainable initiatives that will leave a healthy and habitable planet for future generations.


We should all strive to be environmental stewards meaning taking responsibility for environmental quality shared by all of those whose actions affect the environment by protecting the natural environment through recycling, conservation, regeneration and restoration. We all live in the same environment and it is our responsibility to ensure resources are available for generations to come. It is imperative that items that we throw away that can be recycle end up in the recycle bin instead of the trash. We all have to do our part! None of this will be accomplished without support from YOU!





History & Mission


"We are not makers of history. We are made of history." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Keep Jackson Beautiful was incorporated in 1964, by civic and business leaders as a grassroots - citizen based- volunteer organization. On April 5, 1984, KJB became a local, certified affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. Keep Jackson Beautiful received the status of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1978. Our funding comes from grants, individual dues-paying members, and a contract with the City of Jackson.


To inspire and educate Jacksonians to take actions every day that improve and beautify their environment


Keep Jackson Beautiful's efforts net real financial dividends through hours of volunteer service, reduced costs in city services, cash and in-kind contributions from the private sector, etc. By stressing the importance of keeping Jackson beautiful and by working together, we can make a wonderful difference and have an attractive, welcoming capital city for our visitors, as well as our residents.